Innova Mass 240i Inline

Experience innovative flow energy management tools driven by our new Raptor II OS
that will empower your process and save you time and money

  • FloPro™ vastly improves low flow measurement calculation
  • Dial-A-Pipe™ allows you to quickly change pipe sizes in the field
  • Dial-A-Fluid™ measures a variety of fluids whenever you choose
  • qMix™ makes/measures custom gas mixtures
  • Many more apps to come


In 1997, Sierra was the first to introduce a combination volumetric vortex and multivariable
mass flow meter. Today, Sierra’s completely redesigned InnovaMass®
iSeries™ 240i/241i builds on two decades of success measuring five process variables
for gas, liquid and steam with one connection.

Now, with the latest hyper-fast microprocessors, robust software applications, field
diagnostic and adjustment capability, and a new state-of-the-art flow calibration
facility, Sierra’s vortex iSeries delivers precision, performance, and application
flexibility never before possible.