Innova Mass 241i Insertion


• Accuracy of up to 1.0% of reading
• Fluids: Mass or volumetric flow metering of gases, liquids and steam
• Pipe/duct size: Insertion version: 2 inch (50.8mm) to 72 inches (1.8M)
• Hot-tap probe retractor
• 30:1 turndown

• Multivariable: mass flow rate, volumetric flow rate, density, pressure, temperature

• Free user software




241i is a combination volumetric vortex flow meter and multivariable mass flow meter. Today, Sierra’s completely  InnovaMass® iSeries™ 241i is designed  measuring five process variables for gas, liquid, and steam with one connection. With this multivariable capability, it’s easier to maximize your steam productivity and reduce overall cost of ownership for more energy savings.