Smart-Trak® 100 Series Mass Flow Meters & Controllers


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Premium Digital Mass Flow Meters & Controllers
Smart-Trak is our highest performance mass flow meter and is considered one of the finest mass flow meters  in the world. Smart-Trak is the flagship of our 100 Series Family and is the culmination of a massive three year development effort that has defined a new breed of “Performance MFC”.

Smart-Trak is designed so the physics are correct! Excellent direct mass flow rate calculation accuracy and unsurpassed instrument stability result from a patented, inherently linear mechanical design, advanced platinum sensor technology, and a valve that is strong, flexible and forgiving.

The Model 100 mass flow meter can be used for air flow or any clean gas including mixtures, toxics, corrosives, and combustibles. Smart-Trak controls gas mass flow from <1 sccm to 1000 slpm.

Smart-Trak features Dial-A-Gas® technology for true digital performance in up to ten pre-programmed gases with the same unit (gas type list can be programmed on request). Another unique factor of the Model 100 is the pilot module which replaces expensive control/readout electronics and is available mounted to the face of the instrument or in a convenient hand-held version.

At Sierra, we are confident that our Model 100 mass flow meter will pass your most demanding tests, delivering the accuracy you need whether you monitor the flow of air or other common gasses.  Whether you are making your first mass flow meter purchase or replacing an older thermal meter, the charts below will help you decide which type of Smart-Trak is the right fit for your needs.